October 2019

Sermon 10-13-19

The original purpose driven life

“The original purpose driven life”.

September 2019

A little home church


A change of seasons

I AM’s of Jesus

The Good Shepherd

An Eye opening labor day

August 2019

The Value of a Vacation – Psalm 116

The great debate part 2

The Great Debate

“The Great Debate”.

July 2019

Essential Camping Gear

EsEs”7-28-19 Sermon”.

Catch and Release


Feasting with Jesus

Hard, Heavenly, Holy Words


June 2019

Rise Up


2 kinds of bread

The Jesus Witnesses


Like Father like Son

May 2019

Farm to Table

5/19/19  Pastor Tony

April 2019

6 Whys

4/7/19  Pastor Tony