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May 2020

5-3-20 sermon – baptism

“5-3-20 sermon – baptism_2”.

April 2020

4-26-20 sermon

Stephen – The first Martyr


Easter Sunday – Essential Things

Good Friday 2020

“Good Friday 2020”.

Palm Sunday Sermon 2020

March 2020


“Origins MP3”.

The community spread of the gospel

“The community spread of the gospel”.

Obeying God rather then men

“Obeying God rather then men”.

Signs Sovereignty and suffering part 2

“Signs Sovereignty and suffering part 2”.

February 2020

Scary Bible Stories

Speaking the word of God with boldness

“Speaking the word of God with boldness”.

A Place of Faith


January 2020

The First Harvest Crusade

The coming of the Holy Spirit

“The coming of the Holy Spirit”.

Hear from our missionaries to Brazil – Edmur and Kathy Ribeiro

“Ribieros from Brazil”.

He is risen now what

“He is risen now what”.

December 2019

A new restoration

Special Deliveries

“12-22-19 Sermon”.