Jesus, our Eternal Priest! (Hebrews 7)                               

Review of Chapter 6: Andrew Murray summed up Chapter 6 of Hebrews in this way: “In business, in study, in war…there is no safety but in advance.  The only sure mark of our being true Christians, of our really loving Christ, is the deep longing and the steady effort to know more of Him.  Tens of thousands have proved that to be content with beginning well is the first step on a backwards course. The whole point of the argument is ‘Let us press on!’ (Hebrews, The Holiest of All)

We will do just that by “pressing on” with chapter 7

Read verses 1-10


1. What attributes of Melchizadek describe Jesus?



Read verses 11-19


2. How is the New Covenant superior to the Old Covenant? How is the Law of Love / Spirit superior to the Mosaic law?




Read verses 20-28


3. What’s the difference between Jesus and the Priests? How is Jesus superior to the Levitical priests?


Memorize: “The Lord has sworn and will not relent. You are a priest forever according to the order of Melchizadek”  (Psalm. 110: 4)