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Believing, Resting, and Advancing…. ” (Hebrews 4)

Review: In Hebrews 3, we saw Jesus as our High Priest and Apostle who fulfilled the work and the will of God. Not only is He greater than all the angels, but He is superior to the prophets. He made it all!

So, what is our part? The best we can do now is to “exhort (encourage) one another daily while it is still called today lest we be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin” (v. 13) and enter into His rest by faith (in His promises).

Read Hebrews 4 and consider these questions

  1. Not all who heard the gospel entered into rest. “For we who have believed, do enter that rest” (v. 3) The “rest” the writer of Hebrews speaks of is the “rest of our assured salvation that comes from trusting in Christ”; Hearing and believing is the key. What similarities to this passage are found in Matthew 7:24-29?
  1. According to verses 11-13, what value is there in reading/knowing the word of God? How does it help us?
  1. With Jesus Christ as our “High Priest” we are able to do two things confidently: What are they? What do they mean?
  1. We can ______ _________ our confession (our testimony, our witness for Christ). This means we have the power to live out the ______________ life in God’s strength.
  1. We can ___________ ____________ to the throne of grace. We can ________ God as a son approaches his Dad.

Memory Verse for next week: Hebrews 4:16