Guidelines for services at the church


The California Dept. of Public Health suggests that  all high-risk individuals and caregivers of high-risk individuals stay home and continue to utilize distance options (live streaming at   If you have one of the medical conditions indicating increased risk, we ask that you continue to stay home at this time. As difficult as it may be, we believe this is the best course of action for those to whom this disease presents an elevated risk.  In addition, if you are not at high risk,  yet are not willing to comply with these guidelines, please do not attend.  Finally, please confirm that no member planning to attend is known to have had any contact with confirmed COVID-19 cases in the past 21 days. Please read through the attached guidelines with all the members of your household (the same ones with whom you will be driving with and sitting with). 

1. At Home Preparation


__ Take temperature checks. Stay at home if someone in your family has a fever

__ Dress in clothes that have been recently washed (especially jackets).             

__ Eat breakfast and drink coffee/beverages earlier than usual (see next guideline).

__ Have every member of the family use your home restroom before leaving the house as

church restroom use may be limited.  Each time the restroom is used, self – sanitation and

assisted sanitation is required. This will take more time and require an usher to leave the service.

__ Load chairs and blankets into your car if you are planning to listen to the sermon outdoors.

__ Distribute facemasks to each member of the family and check for proper fit before leaving home.
2.  Church Arrival

__ Put on facemasks before exiting car / before entering church

__ Please maintain social distancing (6 foot radius)

__ Avoid handshakes with people you haven’t seen in a while. Go for the casual wave instead.

__ You will be greeted by an usher who will direct you to available seating area. Please comply with the ushers’ recommendation. Outdoor seating may also be available.

__ If utilizing the outdoor seating area, please sit where the cones have been placed to maintain social distancing measures. Playground equipment is closed. Sorry…

__ Please keep masks on for the duration of the service unless you begin to feel faint.                                                     


3.  Post Service / What to Expect when service is finished

__ Keep PPE in place (on your face!)

__ Keep kids nearby.  Please do not cut them loose to go play.

__ Maintain social distancing

__ The church building will be vacated within 10 minutes after service ends to allow for thorough cleaning before the next servie begins at 10:00 a.m. 

__ Once you arrive home, wash the clothing and facemasks that you wore to the service.

4.  Follow -up: Contact the church and seek medical advice if you experience any flu-like symptoms