Follow up questions for Acts 15
Read Chapter 15, focus on verses 1-21
1. After enjoying a brief homecoming, Paul and Barnabas get right back to work contending for the faith against “certain men of Judea” who desire to add the “customs of Moses” to the grace of Jesus Christ. How do each of the following apostles defend the faith at the Jerusalem Council?
Paul and Barnabas
James ( 1/2 brother of Jesus )
Focus on verses 22-29
2. “The Jerusalem Decree” is the letter that results from the Jerusalem Council. Besides clearly stating that circumcision and keeping of the Law is not a requirement for salvation, the letter ends with an exhortation to “abstain from things offered to idols, from blood, from things strangled, and from sexual immorality”. ( vs 28-29 )  Why were these things important enough to highlight? Do these “works” contradict the doctrine of “grace”?
3. The words of Paul and Barnabas describing the conversion of the Gentiles brought joy to the believers as did the delivery of the letter by Silas and Judas. What word from the Lord have you shared that brought joy to other believers?
4. As Paul and Barnabas prepare for a second missionary journey, a dispute arises between them about John Mark which ends in them going their separate ways. What can we learn from this seemingly unfortunate event?