They came to see Lazarus

Read John 12:1-8   Everywhere Jesus went, great crowds gathered. Every time he stopped to preach and teach, the multitudes would come. Great crowds would be attracted. His arrival in a city would be cause for a great gathering. Why did they come? Some to be healed.  Some to bring others. Some to see a miracle. Some to hear Him preach and teach. Some were just curious. Whatever the reason, great crowds would gather around Him. He was a life changer. Here in John 12, we see a great crowd gathering. But we see something different in this passage. Yes, a crowd had gathered to see and hear Jesus. But there was another reason they were there.   John 12:9 Now a great many of the Jews knew that He was there; and they came, not for Jesus sake only, but that they might also see Lazarus, whom He had raised from the dead.     They came to see Lazarus also. Did they come because he was handsome? Did they come because he was a great athlete? Did they come because he was a great musician? No, they came to see him because of what God had done in his life. He was dead, and now he was alive again. If I lived back then, I would want to see him. So did others. People were drawn to those whom Jesus had touched. But it was more than just a change in Lazarus life that drew those people.   Verse 11 – Because on account of him many of the Jews went away and believed on Jesus.   He used that change in his life to see other people changed. The change in his life was exhibited before others. And MANY of the Jews were saved. They saw a change in his life, and he used that as a tool to reach others.   He didn’t just say – “Jesus is here, the apostles are here, let them reach the people. They are more qualified”. No, he got exited and went out and reached people himself.  Why do you think some churches see growth and things happening? It’s not because it’s a better location. It’s not because the air is more condusive It’s not because the lost are more open there. It’s because the people got excited about what God is doing in their lives and they go out and let others know about it.   Are you letting others know what God has done in your life? Could it be said of you, “that on account of him, many went away and believed in Jesus.”?