The Foolish, The Weak and The Base

Read 1 Corinthians 1:26-31 Americans are great Hero worshipers.   We take a man and because he can take a ball and put it through a metal ring, we give him 25 million dollars a year.   Because a man or woman is attractive, we pay them millions to wear clothes that most of us can never afford   Because they spend years in college, we allow them to teach our children things that are contrary to the Word of God   We look for the biggest, the strongest, and the fastest, the person with the biggest muscles, the whitest teeth, and the shiniest hair.   We have magazines that tell us how we can be more like them.   We have videos that show us how to change ourselves into their likeness   The world rewards physical and mental prowess.   But God is not that way.  God chooses to use the people that the world would never consider. People who don’t fit the mold that the world sets out.   God has chosen the foolish, the weak and the base. God has chosen us.   You may say, ” I can’t serve God, I’m nothing special”   Great!!!  YOU QUALIFY TO SERVE GOD!!!!!     You see, God wants to use you   He needs to use you He has to use you   The wise won’t serve Him. The mighty are too busy. The attractive are busy being used by the world.   God needs someone who will serve Him.   And serve Him without pride. Just be willing. That’s what God is looking for – A willing servant.   Not necessarily a strong servant, or a handsome servant or an intelligent servant.  But a willing servant     Someone who is willing to use what God has given them.   God didn’t make a mistake when he made you – put you in your circumstances He knew what he was doing, He didn’t say oops.   He has a plan for your life   There is someone you can reach, something you can do   THAT NO ONE ELSE CAN    And he has something for you   An unlimited supply of his power. An unlimited supply of his grace.  An unlimited supply of his compassion   But he won’t give it to just anyone   He will only give it to those who are willing to give to someone else1