Living above the clouds

As with all of us here in Julian, I live in the mountains. But I go down to the city every day to go to work. As I make my way “down the hill” to go to work, many times, especially in the spring and fall, I encounter fog on my way. Most of the time, it is either over the Santa Ysabel valley or over Poway. It is a beautiful site to see as you come down the road and spread out before you is this beautiful layer of fog. It reminds me of when I am on an airplane and look out the window at the clouds. And of course, that is what it is many times, the marine layer clouds coming in from the coast that is covering the lower elevations and cities.  When I get to work, many times people are complaining about the lack of sunshine and the poor weather. They ask me what it is like at my house and I have to tell them that it was beautiful and sunny in Julian. It makes them wish they lived in Julian so they wouldn’t be stuck in the clouds. 
The devil likes to put clouds in our lives. Not physical clouds, but spiritual clouds. Clouds of doubt, clouds of fear, clouds of confusion, clouds of worry, clouds of anger are all put in our lives to hinder our walk with the Lord. They are there to blind us to His truth, to make the path less clear, to make our way slow and difficult. But God wants us to live above those clouds, to live in peace and clarity. How do we do it? Memorizing scripture is one way. When we hide the word of the Lord in our hearts, we know how to respond to those clouds of doubt and fear. Prayer is another, We are to be “continually praying”. That means we should have an attitude of prayer at all times. When clouds come, we need to go to God immediately, and ask for help. When the devil tries to cloud our way, God is the one who can clear away the confusion. 
When we use our own strength, it is like turning your high beams on in the fog. It makes matters worse. We must use the light from God’s word to cut a path through the clouds and make our way straight. May we be willing to live above the clouds.