First Love

Revelation 2:4 – Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love.


Have you ever wanted something badly, only to find that when you got it, the excitement quickly faded and the item became unused? When I was growing up we wanted a pool. We begged for one. Finally, one summer, we got one. We were very excited. The first year, we were in it every day. The second year, almost every day. After a few years, the pool just sat there and eventually, we took it down. The work required to maintain it exceeded the excitement of  having it. Most of the things in our life are that way. We beg and plead for church activities and then don’t attend when they happen. We ask for church fellowships and then have something else come up to keep us away. We want great guest speakers and then go out of town when they are here. We want to be part of an evangelistic church and then don’t talk to our neighbors about Christ. We fail to take advantage of what is available because the excitement wears off. When we first got saved, church was exciting. The things we learned, the lessons that were taught, were so exciting. But somewhere along the line, we fall away from church. Somewhere along the line, we find other things to do at 10:00.  The excitement wears off. Young people are especially concerned with excitement. They want fun and action all the time. If it doesn’t sound fun, they won’t come. The problem with this attitude is that the Christian life is not always fun. There are problems and troubles, heartaches and difficulties. We need to learn this and how to handle these situations. We need to learn to do things not because the  events  are exciting but because we have character. Church IS fun, it IS exciting, but if we are dependent on that to get us to come, we will eventually drop out.  We need to learn to do right by reflex, to automatically do the right thing. Young people especially need to learn that, it will help them throughout their lives, both in work and in church. Church attendance builds character. Church attendance builds strong Christians. Church attendance builds mature people. The goal of our church is to turn out families with a heart for service to God. The key to that is faithfulness to a local New Testament church.