Confession of Sin

Read entire chapter – 1 John 1


Today we look at one of the most difficult aspects of the Christian life, confession of sin. It should be the easiest, but it is often the hardest. It is an area that Satan wants to attack, wants you to be confused about. So he makes up a counterfeit.

Everything that God has ever done, Satan has tried to counterfeit.


  1. Trinity – Satan’s trinity ( Satan, Antichrist, False Prophet )
  2. Scripture – counterfeit scriptures ( Man’s interpretation instead of direct translation)
  3. Church – religion ( Works based instead of Faith based )


So if there is a way to confess our sins and get right with God, be assured that Satan will attempt to counterfeit that way. Many times when talking with people, they will admit that they are sinners. But if you try to pin them down on a specific sin, they won’t admit it. There is safety in vagueness.

It is easy to say – Forgive me of my sin. It is difficult to say – Forgive me of a specific sin. To name that sin.

Forgive me for that lustful thought

Forgive me for that anger

Forgive me for that jealousy

That’s hard. It is easy  to say – forgive me for my sin. We don’t want to admit it, even to God. But we must. “If we confess our sins”. We have to be specific. A vague confession of sin is NO confession of sin. 

If we don’t confess our sins specifically, God will confront us with our sins. “Be sure your sins will find you out.” We see that over and over in scripture.


Genesis 3:1-6 We see a very specific sin.


They knew that they had sinned. They tried to cover their sin. They tried to hide from God.

Notice how God pinpointed their sin in Genesis 3:11. 

And he said, Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat?

Notice that God gave them a chance to confess to a specific sin. Then notice that when fingered, they offered another type of false confession.


Adam – I sinned, but it was Eve’s fault and God’s fault – vs 12

Eve – I sinned, but it was the serpent’s fault – vs 13


When you blame someone else, or add a “but” to your confession, it is a false confession. We see this over and over again in scripture.


Read Exodus  32:15-20 to get background. 


Then notice Aaron’s false confession in verse 21-24. He blamed the people instead of taking personal responsibility for his sin. 


In order to have true confession, we must be willing to admit that we have sinned specifically, and we have to accept responsibility for that sin personally instead of casting blame on others or making excuses.