Chipmunks and Blue Jays

Many times, our family has gone camping at Twin Lakes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. We saw all sorts of wild life from deer to bear. But the two most common at our campsite were chipmunks and Blue Jays. As I watched them, I saw some Scriptural principles that we can learn to help us in our lives.   Ever year, our daughters would build bird feeders and put them up for the animals. As I watched the chipmunks and blue jays eat, I saw they had different methods of getting the food. The chipmunks worked alone. They would sit in the tree and chirp for several minutes, I imagine saying “mine, mine, mine.”  They would scamper down the tree, pause briefly to look around and then dive into the bowl. All you would see is their tail sticking out of the bowl. They would occasionally look out, but were for the most part concentrating on eating. In fact, a couple of time, I was able to sneak up and touch their tail before they got away. He would fill his cheeks as full as he could and scamper up to his nest.   The blue jays for the most part worked as a team. One would sit on a branch above the feeder or sometimes on another tree. One would land on the bowl, and 5 or 6 would be on the ground under the bowl. The one on the branch would be a lookout, and if I sneaked close enough, would chirp a warning and they would all fly away. The one in the bowl would take a mouthful, and then swipe twice with his beak, knocking food onto the ground where the others would eat it. He did this the entire time he was in the bowl. After a few minutes, the one in the bowl would fly up to the branch and the one on the branch would fly down to the bowl and continue the process. This way, they all got fed.   These two methods reminded me of some principles from the Bible.

  1. Be vigilant. ( 1 Peter 5:8 )

The Blue Jays were always alert to danger. They always had a lookout posted. There was no way to sneak up to them, any closer than they would allow.   The chipmunk wasn’t always alert to what was happening around him. I was able to touch them several times, and certainly, if I would have had a net, I could have caught them.   As Christians, we need to be like the Blue Jays. We need to be constantly on alert for the Devil. You see, he is sneaky. He doesn’t come up yelling “ Here I come, I’m going to get you”. He sneaks up slowly.   Blue Jays wouldn’t allow that. If I got too close, they flew away. The devil will sneak up on us. In our TV, our music, our standards, what we allow. He won’t attack loudly, but a small step at a time, a steady advance. We’ve got to be watching for his advance, or have someone watching. God gave pastors to watch for us. Listen to his advice.

  1. Work together – Acts 2:47

The blue jays worked together, and all were fed. The chipmunks worked alone and only one got fed.    The early church worked together with great success. They had one goal, one purpose. They were even willing to sell what they had and give to those in need. Because of that, they saw multitudes saved.   We need to work together. If we are all working on our own goals, our own agendas, nothing will be accomplished.

  1. Be giving.- Acts 4:35
  The chipmunks were selfish, chirping to keep others away from the source of food, and taking all they could and running up the tree to hide it. At best, only one would be fed.   The Blue Jays saw to it that all got some. As Christians, so many of us are selfish. We take in the word of God, filling our cheeks with God’s truth, and running away and hiding it. They never share with others. And all go away missing something. The Christians miss the blessing of sharing the word of God, and the hearers miss out on the blessing of God’s word.